ingredients for new ideas
Today’s haul from the garden. No filter necessary.
ingredients for new ideas
I have a total #fontcrush on this scrap of paper I found.
No more pooping in the woods.
Two seasons in a one hour drive. #gottalovecolorado
Apparently Rob eating nachos while seated in Mary’s airport wheelchair assistance drew more than a few quizzical looks.
According to my favorite British Baking Show, Stacey had a bit of a leaky clanger over the weekend. Meanwhile, Steven is giving his clanger a special twist.
We’re coming! Hold on cottonwoods!!!
Shreddin’ the gnar in Austin. Yeehaw!
Working in the office and noticed that my tools of choice are decidedly low-tech.
First rain in six months and it’s like the world is in hi-def again. #nofilters
When Italy and San Diego collide.
Making lemonade
The original dog house.
21 years old.
Just saw first Best Picture nominee of 2019: the devastating Boy Erased. Joel and Nicole and everyone else involved should be feeling really good given the audience reaction from the first screening.
Best concessions line ever. #tff #thefrontrunner #damnhestall!
Moths the size of hummingbirds.
Literally contemplating the future...
Melted peaches + vanilla gelato = sweet dreams
How late summer announces itself around here.
When you’re stuck at LAX for four hours after being in a different state every day of the week and you’re cranky and exhausted and you just want to be home and the Universe steps in to remind you
Summertime snow
It’s happening.
Heading home.