ingredients for new ideas
Inspiration lurks in every alley in this city. Love working here.
ingredients for new ideas
Full moon in Detroit.
Thanks to our friends J&K, Toronto showed off like the world class city it is. Didn’t hurt having the best Greek food of my life, either.
Last day at the Lake and first time on a mountain coaster. It had hand brakes. Have you ever been on a roller coaster with hand brakes? Crazy.
The Art of Doing Nothing Much. Aka lakeside lazing with our Canadian peeps.
Staying at a magical house on Lake Huron and found a copy of my favorite book from childhood. Diving back into the adventure. #cslazydays
And that’s a wrap for #detroitvacation.
#DetroitVacation continues...
#DetroitVacation. Yes, it’s a thing. Come see what’s so amazing about this rejuvenated city. And #SheWolf up there with best meals in a lifetime.
One of the best parts of the work I get to do: collaborating with people smarter than myself.
Drive-in movie with my niece, camping out on top of the car. Heaven.
Progress report on what we hope becomes a place where great ideas flourish. #intellectualproperty
That time I was killing it with my Blonde Ambition at junior prom. #tbt
Apparently anything goes on satellite radio #SiriuseXM?...😂
Holy shit this video makes me so happy. Definitely my Pride jam this year. #cameooverload
How do I pronounce this?
Cowboys & Coors
Family life in Colorado. #themeaningofranch
Lucy, guardian of the cliffs
Keeping it real in the Airstream.
I’m really starting to take to this country living.
Epic roadtrip: 683 miles, 48 hours, Twin Lakes, 1 hot springs and a guard donkey.
Oh shit. Someone’s selling Annabelle.
Today’s workout: pickaxe the rabbitbrush.
Was feeling a little lonely now that my guy is back in SD and then this popped up.
While we deliberated endlessly on a name, our friends Mark and Steve just decided for us and had signs made. So I guess it’s official. Now y’all can find us.