ingredients for new ideas
That time I was killing it with my Blonde Ambition at junior prom. #tbt
ingredients for new ideas
Apparently anything goes on satellite radio #SiriuseXM?...😂
Holy shit this video makes me so happy. Definitely my Pride jam this year. #cameooverload
How do I pronounce this?
Cowboys & Coors
Family life in Colorado. #themeaningofranch
Lucy, guardian of the cliffs
Keeping it real in the Airstream.
I’m really starting to take to this country living.
Epic roadtrip: 683 miles, 48 hours, Twin Lakes, 1 hot springs and a guard donkey.
Oh shit. Someone’s selling Annabelle.
Today’s workout: pickaxe the rabbitbrush.
Was feeling a little lonely now that my guy is back in SD and then this popped up.
While we deliberated endlessly on a name, our friends Mark and Steve just decided for us and had signs made. So I guess it’s official. Now y’all can find us.
Beer cans are our bitch.
This is why we’ve been making the 13 hour drives to Colorado.
My huge accomplishment today - feeding extension cord through hole I drilled perfectly in side of shed to bring outside power in. Perfectly spliced new end onto plug with Dad’s buckknife. Feeling so
Hello, Rockies, it’s nice to see you and your snow again!
I don’t have the heart to tell Mr. Fox that’s a people chair.
Hello, Spring!
Spring finally sprung today in San Diego. A full-on many Monarch migration swarmed Solana Beach. The apricot and leach trees are showing their first buds. And the temps finally start with a 7. See ya
Take note people: this is how you bat mitzvah! #lifelongfriends #honoraryjew #columbiamd
Hello, Brooklyn!
A moment of Zen.
Back in the good ol’ days when we were marauding multiple continents with Mortal Kombat 2. #tbt
This is what it’s all about.