ingredients for new ideas
Finally! Thank you Mother Nature. (Even if I didn’t pack a jacket to go to work today.)
ingredients for new ideas
Note to self: memory foam pillows will freeze into a solid block of ice in uninsulated trailers you attempt to sleep in when the temps are in the teens.
Uh-oh. We caught our boy with a joint. Bad Mr Fox.
Brining has begun! 42 hours til Thanksgiving
My version of heaven.
Art going in, selfie booth coming along...almost Good to Go! #goodtogosd
Halloween yoga. #downwarddeutsch
Hoping you have a very classy Halloween this year.
Our first pot of beans with local Colorado pintos. Thanks #ciaosamin for the #SaltFatAcidHeat inspiration and education.
Through activations and organizations like #berrygoodfoodfoundation #whatsupwithjack is elevating the role of the farm and it’s ingredients for consumers. #brandsthatmatter
Time to get my theater fix with my fellow musical geeks.
Not buying it.
Today’s haul from the garden. No filter necessary.
I have a total #fontcrush on this scrap of paper I found.
No more pooping in the woods.
Two seasons in a one hour drive. #gottalovecolorado
Apparently Rob eating nachos while seated in Mary’s airport wheelchair assistance drew more than a few quizzical looks.
According to my favorite British Baking Show, Stacey had a bit of a leaky clanger over the weekend. Meanwhile, Steven is giving his clanger a special twist.
We’re coming! Hold on cottonwoods!!!
Shreddin’ the gnar in Austin. Yeehaw!
Working in the office and noticed that my tools of choice are decidedly low-tech.
First rain in six months and it’s like the world is in hi-def again. #nofilters
When Italy and San Diego collide.
Making lemonade
The original dog house.